Thursday, August 5, 2021

14 Masks

Well it´s still not clean, but I did dig a bit into the junk on my desk today. 
I dropped the lid to my coffee cup, but I didn´t see it on the empty floor and it wasn´t in the bag next to my chair. I´m sure it fell down, but not seeing it I figured it must still be on the desk somewhere.
I went to put up the lidless cup first and happily discovered that the lid to another cup of a different brand happens to fit it perfectly.
I still wanted to do something to lessen the mess on the desk, though. I´m not sure I´ve ever cleaned it off.
Right at the top I found a collection of masks I have gotten over the last year or so. 14 that I counted. 
I found junk mail from 2018 and 2019 to get rid of, and a few letters worth keeping. There is the invitation to my cousin´s wedding a little more than a month away. Birthday cards from my step-mother and grandmother. The handout from my grandfather´s memorial service. A card from my step-mother´s mother who died just before Covid became a thing, and a card from my other grandfather who´s been dead awhile. My father found that a few months ago when he was cleaning his desk (seems I can claim to have inherited desk messiness :P)
Still no clue where the coffee lid is, desk still basically a mess (not my fault, the 6 or more stuffed animals I can see here must be responsible) but I did finish editing the bit of audiobook I  had to work on today before the desk cleaning attempt happened.

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