Saturday, April 4, 2020

It all goes back to The Stand

Today I've been editing the sound files for the audiobook version of my short story If You Believe in Love At First Sight. Got to thinking that it was somewhat ironic that this was the book of mine I'm working with right now. Mainly because a lot of it came about from my love of The Stand.

If you don't know, The Stand is an awesome Stephen King book about the world falling apart in the face of a terrible plague. It Is where I fell in love with the evil character Randal Flagg years before I ever heard of The Dark Tower. Now my story is nothing like any Stephen King book I've read so I can't claim my books are any fair comparison.

It's just that when I first wrote The Speed of Darkness I had recently read The Stand, and so the idea of setting my story in Nevada amused me. now The Speed of Darkness is the name I've given my convoluted werewolf series because it somewhat describes the super-power my nerdy hero Nigel Hunter controls. You can read about him and the start of the series in The Illumination Query

If You Believe in Love At First Sight Is surely nothing like The Stand, it's actually quite short. I don't have much of The Speed of Darkness written down, but my idea for the fourth book (I do plan to write them all eventually) somewhat came from my other favorite character from The Stand, Larry Underwood. Rereading The Stand not long ago made me decide that my series needed a musician, and my character Joel Shine was born.