Sunday, May 27, 2018

Latest News on The Illumination Query

Well.... I got a bit too excited by the interest by that Total Recall Press showing interest in The Illumination Query.
I had already signed their contract that left me responsible for only $15 and canceled the whole publishizer campaign when yesterday the TRP guy comes back to tell me that they can't get started on processing my book until I agree to another contract where I owe them something like $267.
When I objected they did at least let me out of the first contract.
So now instead of redoing the whole publishizer attempt to attract a publisher (I've already had the book turned down by all the agents I pitched it to) I'm going to go ahead and Self-Publish. Hey, I still like the story and have multiple sequels planned and partially written.
I may be big-headed enough to tell myself that The Illumination Query is equivalent to The Gunslinger and my Speed of Darkness books will be loved as much as The Dark Tower books, but whatever the truth may be, I am going to get it published. Probably in the next week or so, once I'm completely satisfied with the formatting.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Get your ebook by me signed

Ever wish you could get an ebook signed by it's author?
I found this little program that lets me add a personal signature to your kindle copy of any of my books.
You can request my signature for one of my books here: