Friday, March 30, 2018


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Crowdfunding for The Speed of Darkness, Book 1: The Illumination Query
is Going Live this June
Sarah Baethge is using the launch of her werewolf novel to bring attention to Protect the Wolves

What happens when you discover that you are helping evil, and when you can only turn towards the
people that you have hurt in the past when you need help?
If the only people wronged are monsters, does that make hurting them Ok?’ -Sarah Baethge

About the author: Sarah Baethge was born in Houston in 1982, and grew up in Texas and
Louisiana. She was an intern for Lockheed-Martin fresh out of high school when she graduated
with a National Merit Scholarship in 2000.
After a traffic accident in 2000, she began writing and self-publishing short fantasy and
science-fiction stories, starting with the original Speed of Darkness book. She soon took the book
down from Amazon and Smashwords because it began a bit too abruptly. Now her intention is to
improve the story with a prequel or two.

As her book/series is sympathetic towards werewolves, Sarah decided that the idea of raising
money to help wolves in the real world would be interesting to try. She found the organization
called Protect the Wolves and admires their efforts to defend the wildlife in Yellowstone and t
hroughout North America. She is curious to see if any of her fans will take advantage of the
opportunity she presents of making a small donation towards the protection of real wolves when
buying her book.

Overview of the novel: First, the book of The Illumination Query follows the story of Ronald
Carpenter as he gets help from a secretive company called The Eclipse. This company takes a
shine to him and lures Ronald into working for them in their attempt to capture and imprison
supernatural creatures. To prove his loyalty, The Eclipse has Ronald help them take their scientist
Dr. Nigel Hunter captive. Ronald and Nigel come to find out that The Eclipse is keeping unusual
animals that the average person would not consider real. The Eclipse is keeping these creatures for
medical testing because they have no legal protections and many of them, like werewolves, are
nearly human.
The story is now told from Nigel’s point of view. We see that he was working in a lab owned by
The Eclipse, but he was unaware of the supernatural test subjects. Nigel had recklessly tested a
procedure upon himself. The Eclipse higher ups decide that Nigel is as good as a test animal now,
and get Ronald to take him captive. Being held with the test creatures, Nigel becomes friends with
the beings he is being kept among. He and his new inhuman friends decide to try standing against
The Eclipse. Nigel’s only chance now is to get past Ronald.

Sarah Baethge’s Twitter: @22niel
Facebook Author Page:
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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Set up a pre-launch page

Ok, now I have set up a page to help prepare for when I re-launch the pre-order campaign for my book Ihe Illumination Query: If any of you can help me, please sign up here so I know that I need to to get in touch with you.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Redoing this the right way

If anyone was even paying attention, yes I ended that pre-order campaign for my book. At least I postponed it...
I realized that I set it up too fast without preparing any way to get the word out about what I'm trying to do.

Friday, March 9, 2018

The Illumination Query on

Okay, I've finished editing the video and my crowdfunded publication campaign is live at
I humbly ask you to pre-order a copy and to share the link.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Video on YouTube

Today I spent too much time putting together a YouTube video. I've just about given up on finding an agent for the first book in my Speed of Darkness series. I just keep telling myself that Stephen King's book The Gunslinger first came out through a minor publisher so I assume it had no agent either. And that is the first book of his Dark Tower series. So it's not hopeless for my Nigel Hunter character.

Roland Deschain eventually made his way into books that sold multi-millions of copies!

I've been looking at a website that I can use to pitch it to multiple publishers without an agent. One of the things that they require is a description on YouTube.
So for a couple of days I've been collecting free Chromebook programs to make YouTube videos. I already posted one trial that I made with a program that pastes a huge ad for themselves on top of the video, but that was bugging me, so I found a better editor that has no watermark.
And now I've made my video that's just over 2 minutes.
I still need to edit it a bit, but I'm pretty happy with the video now, and I think I can stop video editing for the day. Here it is:

Monday, February 19, 2018

Reading Comparisons

I'm putting together a proposal for my book The Illumination Query in an attempt to attract a publisher for it. One thing that many people ask for is a list of comparable books.
I could quickly compare one of my characters to Lex Luther from Superman and my evil company The Eclipse to Oscorp from Spiderman and Weyland-Yutani conglomerate in the “Alien” movies. I figured my hacker group 'The Solar Flare was something like fsociety’ in ‘Mr. Robot’ (basically a fictional 'Anonymus'). And of coarse, having something of a mad scientist as the main character for half of the book, I had to mention Joss Whedon’s ‘Dr. Horrible’.
Not sure that I really had enough, I asked my sister if she had thought up any comparisons and she surprised me with two stories that I didn't know; The Island of Dr. Moreau and The Passage. So I decided that I ought to read these before I try to make the comparisons.
And I'm blogging right now because my Kindle batteries are dead...

Thursday, February 15, 2018

My current writing focuses

Curious what I'm up to as an armature writer? Right now I'm doing 3 things.

1 You may have seen it on Twitter, there is currently a month long hashtag event, #storywarriors were @writeratops is asking different authors a new question about their current writing projects every day. I'm using it to build up the plot for my new time-travel book that I'm calling Alternate at the moment. you can see my answers here.

2 I'm probably making something of a pest of myself, but I'm trying to find a literary agent for the book I wrote last year that I call From Elsewhere. It's about an alien that comes to Earth.

3 I'm trying to put together an outline to describe the book that I actually finished in 2014 that I call The Illumination Query. I've nearly given up on finding an agent for it, but because I've toyed with the idea of writing a whole series that follows it with 5 or 6 stories called The Speed of Darkness I'm not giving up on it yet. I'm looking into how I may be able to attract a publisher to it without an agent, hence the detailed outline.

I have self published a few short works on kindle, and some short early works on Smashwords, but I'm pretty pathetic in my own skimpy promotion efforts; So I've decided that I need to get an agent or a professional publisher if I seriously want to sell my work.